Artist residency

The registered office of the Valparaíso Foundation is in Madrid and the Artists Residency is in Mojácar (Almería).

One of the main purposes of the Valparaíso Foundation is to offer artists from all over the world, and from all branches of creation (writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, visual artists, etc.), a quiet and peaceful place to concentrate on your creative work, free from distractions and daily duties.

Stays at the Residence will be for periods of two or four weeks (see rates and scholarships), for artists who have carried out professionally recognized artistic work and who present a project to be developed in the Foundation itself. The scale used to accept applicants is based on a resume of consolidated and recognized merit.

A cordial and enriching coexistence.

Every month a maximum of eight artists come together at the Mojácar Residence, a number that the experience of more than twenty-five years has proven to be successful in enabling the exchange of experiences between them and a cordial and enriching coexistence.

Board of Trustees chaired by Beatrice Beckett

Applications will be evaluated by members of the Board of Trustees, chaired since Paul Beckett’s death in 1994, by Beatrice Beckett.